As with most beautiful things in this world, Sadona began as a love story.

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. But from the moment you see the magnificent historic building, walk through and enjoy our decor and then experience the results from our treatments, you will know that Sadona is a story of beauty and love.

Sadona sprung from a love of the beauty industry. From the talented hand of a makeup artist or the creative hand of the hairdresser to the gifted hands of the esthetician and massage therapist, people who work in the field of beauty and spa really know how to help people look their best and feel fabulous! And we love what our beauty gurus do to allow our inner beauty to shine. Compassionate, highly educated professionals work together to bring fresh new ideas to enhance not only how we look, but also how we feel about ourselves. It is not only through the touch, brushstroke or advice of your beauty professional, but also through the personal connection you have with that person that makes beauty services at Sadona Salon + Spa an experience you'll want to repeat.

Sadona was meant to be.

The love for the beauty industry is only second to the love of the fabulous building that is the home to Sadona. When you experience the look of the original tin ceiling, the warmth of the 100-year-old wooden floors and the uniqueness of the original vault and safe, you can feel that creating Sadona was a labor of love. From the impressive columns as you enter to the building to the brick walls lining the ground floor, you can only imagine the time and effort taken to weave Sadona into the Annapolis tradition and fabric.

Let Donna and her hand-selected staff of professionals allow you to experience everything that Sadona has to offer in the heart of Annapolis, where America and its history developed. Sadona will create for you a tradition of beauty and service that will make Annapolis proud that Sadona chose to be part of our town!