Introducing Sadona’s Exclusive 75-Minute Detox Massages & Facials


Improve the appearance of your skin with our new detoxifying massage and facial therapies. Designed for men and women, these treatments gently remove impurities and toxins, resulting in improved circulation, stronger skin and a healthy glow.

Lift your skin and your spirits with these exclusive treatments while surrounding your all senses with pure Sadona luxury:

75-Minute Detox Massage: $185
Designed to help pull impurities and toxins from the body, we employ dry brushing and cupping therapies using specially formulated oil designed to combat insufficient drainage and pull toxins to the skin's surface. A deep invigorating massage then helps stimulate circulation to remove toxins and improve the appearance of the skin while leaving you refreshed, relaxed and rejuvenated.

75-Minute Detox Facial: $165
Highlighted by a facial cupping and Gua Sha massage with Rose Quartz, a uniquely formulated detoxifying facial oil that lifts the skin and encourages lymphatic drainage, this relaxing treatment is designed to remove toxins, improve blood flow and strengthen skin. All of the benefits of a traditional facial accompany this specialty treatment, including double cleansing paired with customized exfoliation and application of personalized skin care finishing products to have your skin glowing like never before!