Sadona’s WOW Factor:
How a Century-Old Bank Building Became the Beauty of West Street

Guests entering Annapolis’ newest destination for beauty and wellness – Sadona Salon + Spa – have one reaction in common: “Wow.”

But getting to “Wow” from what Sadona owner Donna Brown lovingly described just 18 months ago as “well worn, but with lots of potential” was a transformation that began when she sought the advice of nationally known interior designer Sharyn Corry.

Sharyn, the cousin of Sam Brown, Donna’s husband, is best known for designing interiors of upscale residences and commercial properties in Washington, D.C., New York and Florida. Sharyn began the project by understanding Donna’s vision for the space.

Donna’s goal was to create an environment that was warm, welcoming and sophisticated without being stuffy. Another must was the need to ensure the three-floor building was extremely functional to accommodate the various services that would be offered to guests. She also wanted to envelop her clients in a experience that drew from all five senses – taste, touch, sight, smell and hearing.

“We worked as a team,” Sharyn said. “Everything you see today – from the color palette to the fixtures – evolved as the result of a joint decision. If Donna and I didn’t agree 100% on something, we moved on to explore other options.”

The 104-year-old building presented many challenges after years of use as a bank and offices for Maryland’s Republican Party. Throughout the construction phase, Donna kept Sharyn abreast on progress, sharing floor plans and seeking advice on how to turn eyesores like a massive first-floor vault and a crumbling tin ceiling into assets.

When it came to the interior, Donna and Sharyn put their heads together to create a space inspired by nature with bronze, light blue/aqua, pearl, gray and metallic hues working in harmony. The two are particularly delighted with their choice of the stunning chandelier that hangs from the newly restored tin ceiling. Visible from the exterior windows facing West Street, it combines sophisticated style with a hip, modern vibe and casts warm light into the main salon and seating area.

“I’m so proud to have been a part of the project,” Sharyn said during a recent visit to Sadona. “It’s come together exactly as Donna envisioned and is a spectacular asset to this community.”